Consumer prototype first drive!

 CBS Detroit 

Edison2 Unveils New Super-MPG Car At The Henry Ford

DEARBORN — Finally, a 21st Century car that really looks like it came from the 21st Century.

The venue was appropriate. The Henry Ford is a shrine to American innovation, and the Edison2 is packed with innovation from stem to stern.

The X Prize

One hundred and eleven teams from around the world entered the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize in 2008, and in September 2010 Edison2 was awarded the top prize, winning the Mainstream class and with it $5 million.

The X Prize combined a simple goal with demanding requirements, especially in the Mainstream class. The goal: a car with mileage greater than 100 MPGe. The requirements: 4 passengers, 4 wheels, range exceeding 200 miles, 0-60 in less than 15 seconds, meeting Consumers Union dynamic safety standards and Tier 2 Bin 8 emissions.

The Side-by-Side and Tandem Alternative classes, with their less stringent requirements – such as only 2 passengers and a 100 mile range – each had a number of teams make the finals stage.  In the Mainstream class, however, only two could even make the finals: our #97 and #98 Very Light Cars.

The X Prize Foundation offers large incentive prizes to stimulate innovation and promote disruptive technology. It works. Oliver Kuttner entered the X Prize because of the prize, but now, having won, is busier than ever, taking the Very Light Car from a competition prototype to a safe, affordable, comfortable car of unprecedented efficiency.



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