Consumer prototype first drive!

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Edison2 Unveils New Super-MPG Car At The Henry Ford

DEARBORN — Finally, a 21st Century car that really looks like it came from the 21st Century.

The venue was appropriate. The Henry Ford is a shrine to American innovation, and the Edison2 is packed with innovation from stem to stern.

Edison2 Videos


On The Road

Edison 2/2 from Johnny St.Ours on Vimeo.


Edison 2 X-Prize from Johnny St.Ours on Vimeo.


Emco Gears Classic Interview


Slide Show from Michigan International Speedway


Ron Mathis on the Very Light Car


Team Member Introductions


Edison2 Hard at Work


On Track


More About the X Prize


Team Background


The Very Light Car


Additional Videos

Consumer Reports


Detroit Auto Show 2010


Edison2's Very Light Car featured on Engineering TV.