Consumer prototype first drive!

Working tirelessly since their X-Prize victory, Edison2 reaches a coveted milestone February 27, 2013. 

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  In the Media

Time Magazine, November 22, 2010, The 50 Best Inventions of the Year, Number 19:“ … a hopeful sign for an oil-pinched future”

New York Times, September 17, 2010, For the Auto X Prize, a Race to the Finish: “Edison2 exemplified the type of innovation that the X Prize Foundation intended to foster while striving to force the automotive industry to leap forward”

Rolling Stone, October 28, 1010, Lighter, Greener, Weirder: The winner of the Auto X Prize proves that the next generation of cars will look like nothing we’ve ever seen before

Popular Mechanics, January 2011, Driving the X Prize Winners: “… the car requires just a few horsepower to cruise at 60 mph”

NPR Morning Edition, July 22, 2010, Light, Fuel-Driven Car Goes For 100 Mpg X Prize:“… super-light cars are the way to fuel efficiency”

PBS Newshour, August 25, 2010, Revolutionary Ultra Light Car Aims for an X Prize: “The Very Light Car has been entirely made in America, a fact the Kuttner team argues was crucial to their success”

Washington Post, July 14, 2010, X Prize deadline looms for makers of lightweight, high-efficiency Very Light Car: “The Very Light Car beat more than 136 vehicles created by 111 teams from 11 countries”

Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 7, 2010, Prize prototype vehicle may spark new Va. Industry: “The car could lead to a vast reduction in the nation's dependence on foreign oil and spark economic growth in parts of Virginia that have been hit hard by the decline of the manufacturing sector”

Virginia Business, June 2010, Lynchburg firm trying to build 100-mpg car:  “They started in hopes of winning the X-Prize, but are now focused on objectives well beyond the competition”

Huffington Post, September 18, 2010, Who Would Have Thought: “Oliver Kuttner… gave in three minutes one of the most compelling summaries of what we need to do to restore the American dream

Automobile, December 2010, Gas Wins (again): “… a triumph of design over novelty… a racing team’s pragmatic answer to an extremely difficult challenge” 

Slate, June 29, 2010, On a Different Track: Can Some Out-of-Work Car-Racing Engineers Save the Planet?:  “… since each car weighs 750 pounds or less – they're so light, you can push them across the room with your thumb – they hardly need any gas at all”

Car (England), November 2010, The Car in a New Light: “Is weight, rather than power source, the real key to the future of motoring?”, October 11, 2011, Electric Edison2 Car Sets New EPA Fuel Economy Record at 350 MPGe