Consumer prototype first drive!

Working tirelessly since their X-Prize victory, Edison2 reaches a coveted milestone February 27, 2013. 

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Emco is one of Edison2's valued partners and suppliers.  They have helped  with the design and manufacturing of portions of the Very Light Car's driveline, transmission housing, and steering rack.  Find out more at





Brown Machine Works, locates in nearby Rustburg, Virginia, has played a key role in Edison2's ability to quickly take ideas from the engineering drawing board and put them into the Very Light Car.  Their precision, skill, and timeliness are a great asset to Edison2; find out more at








Infowedge is Edison2’s expert on exhaust emissions, helping the Very Light Car meet stringent EPA requirements demanded by the X Prize. Located near Sacramento, CA, Infowedge combines a thorough understanding of the regulatory process with comprehensive knowledge of fuel types and engines, and works in both laboratory and field settings.  Visit for more information.