PROGRESS REPORT - 2013 week 13
Saturday, March 30, 2013 at 04:57PM

Happy Easter! This week the prototype shop and personnel focused on development for the V4.0 front axle assembly, concentrating specifically on sensitivity and feel.

With feedback from running to date in hand, we decided to change the steering rack from the Option 1 to Option 2 bearing configuration. This involved completely dismantling the rack to reconfigure the bearings. While inside the unit, we had the opportunity to inspect the primary components and were pleased to see that all operational signatures appeared good. In its new guise, the rack is back on chassis 18. 

In the light of a complete strip and inspection of the front suspension, revised ball bearing kingpin thrust washers have been incorporated in the new front axle build. Combined with the rack development work described above, the steering now displays a particularly smooth action. 

Further development includes new front wishbone carrier assembly pieces that are already on the car and the imminent availability of new front damper spring platforms. 

The rear suspension and driveline continues its gratifying absence of problems. With accumulating experience of Chassis 18’s electric motor characteristics, the decision has been made to make revised gearing available for test. New parts offering a 4.5% shorter overall ratio are now in process. 

Production questions continue to be explored with procurement work this week concentrating on the car’s roller bearing wheel hubs.

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