Edison2 consumer prototype on the ground for successful first drive!
Friday, March 1, 2013 at 09:14AM
There are few prouder moments for an automotive team and CEO than the day a car touches the ground and comes to life. Ever since our 2010 Automotive X-Prize victory, Edison2's indefatigable team of talented engineers, designers and craftsmen have thrown all they have into reaching this milestone of a fully operational chassis.
This moment belongs to them, and who better to tell the story than Chief of Design, Ron Mathis, seen here giving a thumbs up with founder and CEO, Oliver Kuttner, behind the wheel. Hold on Ron, that car can corner!

PROGRESS REPORT – 2013 Week 9 - 2/27/2013

A good week. The first VLC 4.0 rolling chassis stood on its wheels this Monday and has gained favourable responses for all who have seen and sat in it. In the hands of our founder, Oliver Kuttner, chassis #018 was driven for the first time today.

 An extensive test program is being planned and will be under way in the next few days but early impressions gained in the Lynchburg shop parking lot are favourable. The car drives particularly smoothly and has already demonstrated much improved refinement from the competition cars. 

It was gratifying that first-estimate spring and damper settings yielded excellent ride quality over rough blacktop. Suspension anti pitch vector action met design expectations and permitted full acceleration and hard use of the powerful new brakes while maintaining a nearly level attitude. This is an additional step forwards from the X-Prize cars. 

From the absence of harshness transmitted to the main frame, the isolation function of the new compliant axle beam mounts appears successful. Although it is too early to say whether the mounts’ stability enhancement function is working as hoped, it is already fair to say they cause no harm. 

While of course work remains to be done and matters arising will continue to emerge, a post-running inspection has turned up no problems worth the name. This is an encouraging start indeed for an entirely new car. 

Next steps include beginning a ride, handling, motor control and regen strategy scan.



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